A Twenty-one Pilot’s Thank You

Hello Crafty People,

Today I have created another Twenty-one Pilot’s layout.  We have so many pics from concerts that there might be one or two more layouts to follow.

A personal thanks from Twenty-one Pilots.

When Tim first went to a Twenty-one Pilot’s concert the band wasn’t nearly as popular as they are now.  They handed out these pieces of paper that said “hello” and “Thank You” on it.  It was only black and white so I colored in on the paper using the group’s favorite colors.  I adhered it to a piece of cardstock.  I matted all the pics on white papers.  I put them on the bottom of the cardstock, layering them.  I love the first picture.  We were outside and it was pouring.  That picture really shows the rain.

Thanks for stopping by!

God bless!


Tim and His Girlfriend


Today’s layout is a collage page of Tim and his girlfriend.  They have been dating since 8th grade.  They have stayed together even though we moved from NC to SC.  Absence makes their hearts grow fonder?

Tim and Camila – what a nice looking couple!

I put several pics of the couple on the page.  The one that I love is the bottom left one – they look so young.  I left a space on the cardstock in the middle.  I used Black and gold alpha stickers to add their names.  I also got a fancy “&” that is black and gold.  I added black flowers and put “diamond studs” in the center of them.  I also added a camera sticker (I love camera stickers).  Last but not least I added 7 black rhinestones across the top of Camila’s name.

Turned out awesome!

That is all for the day!

God bless!



Thank Yous From Tim

Happy Labor Day!

My hubby and son are off work today.  My son is visiting with his cousin about an hour away.  We are going to go pick him up today.  I am sure he had a fun weekend.

Tim’s thank you card that he sent his family and friends.

I started with a piece of cardstock and then two pieces of a piece of cardstock that I trimmed off and added to my layout.  They are the piece with the date (at the top of the page) and the piece with the camera (at the bottom of the page).  I then matted the thank you card that had pics of Tim on his graduation day, and a note from Tim.  I also matted a ticket that was given to Tim (not used) that he could have given to someone to attend his graduation if it rained.  His graduation was held at the school’s football stadium.  If it rained they would have moved it to the auditorium.  In that case he could invite only 3 people.  That would have been a BIG bummer.  Luckily that wasn’t the case.  I loved the ticket because of the picture of the school.  Finally, I journaled on a tag and added that to the layout.  That is all that I did.

I really wanted to have the thank you card and the ticket in the scrapbook.  I think it turned out great.

God bless!


Yearbook Picture Proofs

Hey there,

When Tim had his picture taken for the yearbook they sent a lot of proofs to us(hoping we would buy all of his senior pictures through their company).  There were a lot of pictures but a lot of them looked very similar.  I chose a few of the best ones and made a layout. (I have a file of all of the extra pictures I haven’t used – you never know when you might need them).

A few of the proofs from his yearbook pictures.

I matted all of the pictures (One of the pictures I matted on part of the folder that the proofs came in.  It says “Prestige” in a shiny square.  It was really good quality cardstock).  After matting the pics I practiced layering the pictures where they wouldn’t cover up his face and still left a empty space on the page for the title.  After playing around I adhered the pictures and then added alpha stickers saying “yearbook proofs”.  I then added a blingy cap sticker and a sticker that says “HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES”.  Pretty simple page.

That is it for this awesome Friday.  Hope your holiday weekend keeps you safe and happy.

God bless!


Mosh Pit!

Hello friends,

Another layout for Tim’s album.  This one has to do with Twenty-one Pilots again.  This was their last concert that he went to.  He got to go in the mosh pit.  He had wanted to do that for a long time.

A memory that Tim will always enjoy.

I layered the tickets on the cardstock.  I wrote down who the tickets belonged to.  I matted the picture and adhered it to they layout.  I then put a “Polaroid” sticker around Tim in the pit so that it would be easier to find him.  I put the words “Mosh Pit” for the title down the page.  I then added a strip of paper and adhered camera stickers down it.  (Love camera stickers).  Finally I journaled about the concert and adhered that to the layout.

A fun time!

God bless!


A Corny Layout

Howdy friends, family and fellow scrappers,

Today I am showing you one of Terri’s awesome layouts.  She takes scrapping to a whole new level.  🙂

What a corny idea. 😉

Terri had a decorative piece of paper that was decorated with corn.  Her daughter and her daughter’s fiance were in a corn maze so she used the corn paper to create a fun layout.  She cut out a rectangle of the corn paper and used it like a big mat for the picture.  She adhered the picture to the back of the paper so that it was showing through.  She used a white rectangle of paper to add the cute title to (Lost in the cornfield with you).  She also used washi tape around the picture.  She used what looks like a corn seed packet for decoration.  Finally for the 3D effect she took a pop can pull and tied thread (kind of like corn silk) to it.  She adhered it to the page.

What a fun layout.

Thanks for sharing, Terri!

God bless!



Thank Goodness It’s Friday, my friends!

I don’t know what this weekend holds but I know it will be good.

Today I am showing you the layout for Tim’s 18th birthday.  It is sweet.  As in cupcake sweet.  I found part of the layout idea on Pinterest and as always I made it my own.

Tim’s 18 (now almost 19)!

I made the cupcake first.  I used the purple polka dot cardstock to make the base of the cupcake.  I used purple to match his shirt.  I then used the opposite side that wasn’t polka dot to punch out the circle for the 18.  I  then punched the scalloped circle out of white cardstock.  I attached the two together and used silver number stickers for the 18.  To make the top of the cupcake I took different sizes of washi tape and traced part of their inside cardboard circles to create the  curvy icing area.  I attached the top of the cupcake to the bottom and then attached the whole thing to a piece of light gray cardstock.  I didn’t think the contrast between the top of the cupcake and the cardstock was enough to make the cupcake show up very well.  I decided to use glitter glue and go around the edge of the cupcake.  Then I decided to get really creative with the glitter glue and made swirls on the cupcake.  When the glitter glue dried I added silver enamel dots to the end of the swirls.  Finally, I made the cherry out of red sequins.  I love it!  Wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I think it is great.

I then matted both pics onto purple cardstock and trimmed it with a scallop blade.  I then matted them together (onto one solid piece of brown cardstock).  I attached the matted pics on the page  and added stickers.  Perfect!

God bless!  Have a wonderful weekend!


How to Evacuate for a Hurricane


Today’s post is the fun part of a hurricane.  Tim went to his cousins’ house and spent time with them.  He had a great time!

Evacuating for Hurricane Matthew.

The first thing I did was make the title “Evacuating for Matthew”.  I used a sage green ink and used a Fiskars Stamp Press to make the letters perfect.  Unfortunately the lettering doesn’t show up well in the picture.  Squint hard.

I then matted three pictures of Tim and his cousins (and pup).  I used brown and green mats to match the pictures.  We all went to a park and hiked a trail.  The last night we were there we went to the local fair.

First I attached the title to the cardstock.  Then I figured out how I wanted the pictures layered and attached them to the page.  I added brad paw prints and a sticker of a puppy that looks like our Diego.  I added a sticker that says “Family Memories” and  wrote on a journaling tag and attached it.  Last I added a tag that says “cousin”.

Fun page that will bring back amazing memories.

God bless!


Twenty-one Pilots!

Hello Scrappers,

This is a pretty easy layout but I love it.  For the last several years my son has loved the group Twenty-one Pilots.  He has went to a total of four concerts (one with my husband, one with both of us and his cousin, one with both of us, one with me and his gal pal).

Fun times!

I matted two photos from a concert.  I traced and cut a white circle and cut two rectangles the same size in blue and red.  I also cut a smaller black rectangle.  I then glued the rectangles on to the circle just like the band’s logo.

First I attached one of the tickets to the black cardstock.  Then I attached the photos at an angle overlapping each other and the ticket.  I then attached the logo.  I journaled on a tag and then attached it to the layout.  Finally, I added an arrow sticker on top of the tag (covering up a mistake).

I think the layout turned out awesome!  These concerts make up some of the best memories.

Thanks for checking out this post!

God bless!



More Junior Prom Fun

Hi girls (and guys?),

Another prom page.  Maybe the last one.  🙂

Time for dress up!

I was trying to tie in the white and blue balloons.  I punched white and blue circles.  I also used a fancy blue cardstock and matted the pictures in white and blue.  I then adhered the circles all around the page and added fun in all of them focusing on music.  I added stickers, fancy music brads, pearls, and lots of jewels.  After adhering the circles I adhered the matted pics.  Below the left picture I added the sticker “at the dance”.

A fun page that keeps the eye moving.

Hope to see you before long!

God bless!