Graduation Day

Hello amigos,

It is a wonderful day!  Everyday should be but today is a grand one.  No particular reason – must have woke up on the right side of the bed.  🙂

Tiim walks the stage.

I used the perfect paper – graduation caps, of course.  I matted the photos on a solid paper to make it a little less busy.   I trimmed the photos first.  I did this so I could fit all the pics on one page and because it makes it easier to figure out which person is Tim.  On the Bluffton Bobcat photo I went around the edges with a border sticker.

Last, but not least, I added the graduation stickers.   This girl loves her paper and stickers.

God bless all of you!




Graduation (Ephemera) Page

Hey friends,

A quick graduation page using decorations that we used to celebrate.

Ephemera – the cheapest and best way to scrap!

The pictures had the banner in the background.  I saved a few pieces of it.  The graduation paper I chose had circles in it that said words of encouragement.  The banners were circles – perfect.

I trimmed the pics down and then matted them.  I wouldn’t be able to fit all the pics and the banner if I wasn’t willing to cut out the unnecessary background.  I put the banner on and then attached the pics.  I added ribbon stickers.  A fun and awesome layout.

God bless all of you on this winter day.


My Christmas Cards

Hello friends,

It has been a long time.  I got so busy with Christmas (part of the reason was making over 60 Christmas cards).  Finally had a wonderful Christmas and everything important fell into place.  Then we helped our middle son move to Virginia Beach with his family and took our youngest back to NC.  Now I am trying to start a new life with just my husband and I.  Can’t say that I am very prepared.

So….I bought a stamp set from Stampin’ Up.  I was going to make it all about a beachy Christmas.  I always have bought a Jesus centered Christmas card but just once I wanted to focus on how it can be ok to have seashells instead of snowflakes (I have really missed the snowflakes that I grew up with).

I found an idea on Pinterest that I liked but I had already bought some papers to use so it was a little different.

Here is the Pinterest idea that I found:

Pinterest idea that I found – not mine.

Here is the first cards that I made.

My first attempts of the Christmas cards looked like this.

I liked this but it took a lot of time because of the coloring of the tree.  I was getting frustrated because Christmas was quickly approaching.

I then did another try using a teal paper with a white stamp for the tree.  I was using a white card to start the layering process.  I liked what I did but I accidentally found something quicker that popped more.  That is what I did the last 1/2 of my cards with (give or take).  I intended to buy aqua envelopes and I accidentally bought aqua cards.  I ended up using them and saved myself a lot of time cutting and folding cards.  Normally it isn’t a big deal but I was under a time crunch and I was making a lot.

This is what the rest of my cards looked like.

2017 Christmas card.

I like this version the best.  I do like how the Pinterest card had another layer on the tag.  It would have taken quite a bit of time to add that touch.

On the inside it was stamped, “Have yourself a beachy little Christmas.”

I added a pic of Brad, Tim, and I at a buoy that had washed up on Hilton Head during the hurricane this year.  It is no longer there but it was a photo op for several weeks.

What the hurricane washed up.

So…I hope your Christmas and New Year was/is wonderful!

God bless you and yours – abundantly!


Finally! (a graduation page)

Hi friends!

Hope that you are doing well!  We have had some sickness (not me but my granddaughter) in our family.  Hoping that it goes away and everyone is healthy this holiday!

Diploma in hand!

I matted the pics on a piece of white paper.  I left space around the pictures and then matted the white paper on a piece of black paper.  Finally, I put the matted pics on a piece of fun graduation cap paper.

On the white paper I added lots of sparkle with the jeweled graduation cap, the word “finally!”, and shiny stars.  I then added a “congrats” sticker and a diploma sticker.  Result – awesome layout!

That is all for the day.  I need to get back to card making (not too many left, thank goodness, since Christmas is such a short time away), gift wrapping, and running to the post office to ship gifts.

God bless!


Origami Flowers

Hello friends,

It has been awhile since I have been on here.  I have had Thanksgiving, helping my son move, and getting things ready for Christmas (still so much to do – I am making my own Christmas cards this year so that Is taking a lot of time.  I will show them after everyone receives theirs.  I really like them.).

This post shows pictures from my friend’s daughter’s wedding.  While I was there last time we helped make some flowers using paper (origami).  She used what we made and made more and created some awesome bouquets and center pieces for her daughter’s wedding.

Jessi is holding her paper flower bouquet (and her dad’s arm). Great family!  So beautiful (and handsome)!

One of the tables with the centerpieces made using the origami flowers.

We made a YouTube video of us making the flowers.  I will link it below and you can learn to make the flowers if you are interested.

That is all for the day!  Thanks, Terri, for sending the pictures (and for putting up with me and my video making)!  Congratulations, Jessi!

God bless you all!



Graduation Gifts

Hi friends,

I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome!  We had a wonderful day with family.  My hubby was off for five days.  We had a plan to get a lot of things done.  We did get a few things done but many things got put off.  We did get a little relaxation (after Thanksgiving).

Today’s page has to do with Tim opening his graduation gifts.  He didn’t know that I was putting all the cards to the side as they arrived in the mail.  Of course a few times he got to the mail first and found them.  I just let him open those so that he didn’t think that I was putting any to the side.  He really was excited when he saw all the cards that had arrived for him.

Tim opening graduation gifts.

First I matted the photos together on a black piece of cardstock.  I then adhered that to the chevron background paper.  I saved the “charm” that was on a gift box.  It says, “Just for you”.  I put a few strands of ribbon (school colors) through the hole at the top and then adhered it with glue dots to the page.  Finally I added stickers, that I found at a thrift store for a quarter, to the page.  Of course they were $$$.  He had a really good time and I am pretty sure he felt loved.  🙂

God bless you and your loved ones!


Such Pretty Paper

Hey y’all,

Today’s post was so easy to make.  I had a beautiful piece of cardstock that I used.  In order to leave it’s beauty I had to keep the rest really simple.

Oh, what a pretty tree!

I matted the two photos using cardstock that matched the leaves on the tree.  I then added a quote on the bottom.  It was by Henry Thoureau.  “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you have imagined.”

I love this page so much.  I feel a little guilty because it was so simple.

God bless you and your families!



Crazy Hair, Don’t Care

Hi friends,

Today I completed a silly layout.  Tim has had silly hair at different times.  He has had green hair before he went to a Twenty-one Pilots Concert.  And when he went to his family in Iowa we weren’t sure what hair he would come home with (only happened a couple of times).

Tim with some of his crazy hair (he has also had some awesome hair).

I used two sheets of paper that had different colors of spots (one had orange and one had green).  I matted the orange hair pic with the orange spot paper and the green hair pic with the green spot paper.  I then adhered them to the striped cardstock.  (It had green and orange in it, too). I left a larger space on the orange spotted mat at the bottom and put alpha stickers that say “Crazy Hair”.  I left a larger space on the top of the green spotted mat and put alpha stickers that say “Don’t Care”.   I punched some orange and green circles and adhered them to the striped cardstock on top of the page.  I used a journaling tag and wrote about who were in the pictures and put that on the striped cardstock on the bottom of the layout.

Cute page for such silly hair.

God bless!


Goofy Pics


It’s hump day!  Making it through the week and getting closer to the weekend!

Today I have a doctor appointment – no big deal but I don’t like going to the doctor.  But at least it is hump day!

Goofy, silly guy!

My husband (and me – a little) took my son’s senior pics.  Actually we took all of our boys senior pictures.  My husband tends to go on and on and on (one of the benefits of the digital camera, right?).  These are some of the pictures towards the end of the photo shoots where Tim was ready to be done.  He started acting goofy.

I trimmed down some of the pictures and I matted all of them.  I adhered them to the wonderful piece of cardstock.  I cut out a rectangle (that was the width of the matted picture) and adhered alpha stickers that say “enough”. I adhered it across a part of a picture that was not needed.  I also adhered the alpha stickers in the middle of the layout that say “goofy!”.

Cute page for a cute guy.

God bless!


Graduation Ceremony

Hi friends,

Another layout for Tim’s albums.  In a few days I am starting on my Christmas cards and putting scrapping aside for a few weeks……NOOOOOOO!

Tim’s graduation ceremony.

I started with a really busy background page (what you see on the top of the layout).  I added a short piece of gray cardstock to the bottom of the page.  I then added a larger (but not full size) piece of black glitter paper to the middle of the page.  I matted the two pics with black cardstock and then the gray cardstock.  I adhered them to the background and then added the 2017 stickers and the Senior crystal stickers.  On the gray I added a sticker that says “graduation ceremony” and then put a cap on the corner of it.  I then followed it with a quote by Eleanor Roosevelt (The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.).

Love the layout!

God bless!