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Over twenty years ago I attended a scrapbook party.  I then hosted a party.  By the time that was over I was hooked.  I love to scrap!

I have always loved pictures and I have always kept them organized.  I use to buy the photo albums that you slip your pictures in and I wrote on the back of each picture about what was happening in the photo.  I kept this up for quite sometime.  What I scrapbooked for several years were all the photos that wouldn’t fit in those albums.  I had an album for each of my children and then a family album for all the group pictures.

A little over five years ago I decided to start scrapbooking all those photos that I had put in plastic sleeves.  I started back when my family first began – 1984.  I am now scrapbooking in the year 1994, so no I am not caught up.  Along the way I have scrapped several albums that have nothing to do with the plastic sleeved pictures.  I just finished one last week.  It was of a trip I took with two buddies I went to high school with over spring break.

I use to get distraught thinking I would never get caught up.  I now KNOW I will never be caught up but it no longer upsets me.  There will always be more pictures because the journey of life is still continuing.  Scrapbooking should bring joy into your life.  I plan to share ideas and tips that I’ve honed from my many years of scrapping.  I hope to make your scrapbooking experience a little easier and a lot of fun!

7 thoughts on “A little bit about me

  1. Great job Deb, even though at this point in my life I am not able to get involve in this hobby, I did enjoy reading your posts on your journey of scrap booking. This way l can learn all about it so later when I do, I will have all your experience to help me. You will do a great job on this blog and I look forward to seeing more of your wonderful work. God Bless, Mary

    • Thanks, Mary. I appreciate your taking the time to look around. Once in awhile you will see your beautiful face in my pages. 😀

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