Inked Edges

A friend of mine, Theresa, sent me pictures of a layout that she did.  All that is left is to add pictures.  Here they are:

Theresa is very creative!

The 2nd page of the layout.

The secret to the pages is inked edges.  It gives the pages a distressed look.  I haven’t done this but I may have to start.  Theresa assured me it is very easy but that I might want to practice on scrap paper a little before using it on my page.  What she uses is the small oval ink pads (I know that Color Box makes Cat’s Eye ink pads like she describes).  I thought that she might sponge it on but she directly applies it to the paper from the ink pad.  (She has been using this technique awhile).  She also added brads and ribbons.

Another bonus to this project is that she used a lot of scraps.  That is always nice to clean out and yet be thrifty.

Thanks, Theresa.  I really appreciate your creativity – especially since it is something I haven’t tried yet.  I will post a page once I get one finished.  Note to self – add stamp pads to scrapbooking shopping list.  🙂

Have a wonderful day!

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Inked Edges

  1. The inking tecnique is easy. You can also you a sponge to ink it too- I did that on a motorcycle page to make it look like tire tread marks. I ink pages to give them a antique look or some depth.

    • I’ve decided to give in and get ink pads. You know I use to have a big supply but I never used them. I sold them on ebay. REGRET!

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