Getting More Bang with Chipboard Letters

Hello, friends.  Usually, when I buy chipboard letters they come in a sheet where I detach each letter.  I have a trick that I have come to use that gives me extra letters.  Not only do I use the letter but I use the outline of the letter also.  Often I will use letters and then one outline letter on a page.  Here is a page where I have done that.

Notice the “u” in the word yum is where I cut out the outline of the letter.

This makes my $ go a little further and saves a trip to the crafting store.  I wanted to add that the decoration towards the bottom is a repurposed home made birthday card.  Thanks, Carmela – so cute!

Hope everyone has a sweet day!

God bless!




4 thoughts on “Getting More Bang with Chipboard Letters

  1. I like the texture on the letters. Did you buy it that way or corrugate it your self (I have a tool that gives that kind of texture. I also liked the spoon. It’s neat seeing those cute pics.

    • I bought the letters from the shop, Archiver’s. I have only been there once but I love it. It is already corrugated. It is like a cardboard box. I need to get that tool – an endless supply of things I would like.

  2. Wow! The things they have out there now. Who thinks up all these ideas? Sure makes scrap booking more fun. Love Tim with his big cup of ice. I used to do that when I was a kid. Not so easy to do anymore. Ha! Also those wooden ice cream spoons. We got them on the last day of school with a small cup of ice cream. Fun.

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