Hello, everyone!  Hope your Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving weekend was fun!  We went and visited family.  Oh, I love those grandbabies!

I thought this would be a perfect time to show two examples of trees.  One page was a family tree (at least part of one) and included a picture of a past Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving ’05.

I hand cut the tree trunk first.  I then made an outline of where the leaves would go.  I attached the trunk of the tree to that and then attached that to the background paper.  Finally I made leaves.  I had left over circles from a previous page and I cut the leaves from those.  None of the leaves had to be exact and perfect.  No leaves in nature are exactly the same.  Once the leaves were attached the tree was done.  I really like it a lot.  It looks cozy,homemade,and reminds me of family.

Friends on vacation – directions always involved this tree.

My friend, Terri, completed this page.  She did a great job with the outline of the tree and then the stage coach.  Notice the stage coach is the same color as the stage coach in the pictures.  Really cute.

I think most people have some memories associated with trees.  I remember a tree in our front yard that I would climb and sit and think and watch the world (I didn’t go very high).  Then, there was a tree in our back yard that would sometimes have a tire swing on it.  Once, that tire swing broke when I was swinging on it.  Ouch!

I hope your day is wonderful!

God bless!



3 thoughts on “Trees

  1. Family together is always nice. It’s fun looking back. Love the tree idea. Terri’s picture is sure cute. She put a lot of thought into it. We had a tree in our front yard. When I was little I tried to put my arms around it. It also was a hide and go seek tree. When I was older a storm tore it down. My mom took one of the babies from it and grew another. It was almost as big when my sweet little mom passed away. It does seem like tree’s play a big part of our lifes. I love those good memories.

  2. Great tree pics from you and Terri… Love saving memories and this page has inspired me to just put a tree and a few lil stories with it for the kids to read. My tree stories of growin up but without pics since not many were taken of us kids growing up…guess that’s why I take ALOT of my kids..

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