Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I am such a blessed woman!  I want to take the time to tell everyone a FEW of the things that I am blessed with in my life.

I am blessed with a MIGHTY God who knows and loves me personally.  He loved me enough to send his son to die on the cross for me before I loved him.  How awesome is that!

I am blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves me in spite of my multiple shortcomings.  Wow!

I am blessed to have 3 magnificent sons.  They are so different but so wonderful.  They have brought a lot of joy into my life and I couldn’t love them more.

I am blessed to have 4 beautiful grandchildren.  They are all healthy and stunning.  I just love them so much and could talk about them for days on end.

I am blessed with two wonderful daughter-in-laws.  They have added some much needed   “girlie stuff” to my family and they love my grown sons.

I am blessed to have a lot of family that loves me and prays for me.  They don’t let the miles between us create distance between us.

I am blessed to have GOOD friends that are an extension to my family.  They are there for me when I need to talk and laugh.

I am blessed that my husband has a good job and that he has throughout this economic downturn that our country experienced.

I am blessed to live in this country – I love my country.  I can go to church and praise God with no fear.  I can vote for whomever I please with no fear.  My country has a foundation that is based on strong wonderful things.  I LOVE my country and thank God that he has allowed me to live here.

I am blessed to have a roof over my head, heat to keep me warm in the winter, and an air conditioner to keep me cool in the summer.

I am blessed to have discovered scrapbooking.  It fills my life with a lot of joy (I couldn’t   not add scrapbooking to my list).

There are so many things that I have to be thankful for.  The list could go on for pages and pages and it would still be incomplete.

God bless you and yours on this blessed day!

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