Balancing a Layout

One of the easiest way to balance a layout is to divide it into three sections.  There are many ways to go about this but the simplest one is to vertically divide the page into three equal sections.  Here is the page I created:

Driving through Memphis.

I cut my gray cardstock into 3 pieces.  I made each piece 2 3/4″ wide and 10 3/4″ long.  This would be different for 12″x12″ albums.   This way I could have a small border all the way around each section.  I placed something important on each section and then I accessorized.

*  A freebie that is very useful for scrapbooking is vacation brochures.  Grab brochures wherever you travel to and save them with your pictures.  Postcards are fun but brochures are free!

God bless everyone!


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