Making Scallops with Circles

Happy Tuesday!  Hope your Monday was better than Mondays are known for.  This is a really cute idea.  It is not difficult – especially if you have a circle punch.  I am going to show how to make a scallop on the bottom of the page but it can go anywhere (framing a picture, as a border, whatever).  First, punch circles (or cut them).  I used a 1 1/2″ circle punch.  This could be a solid color scallop in which case I would just punch one color of circles.  I am working with Easter pictures so I used several colors (mostly pastels).  A nice bonus for this project is using up scraps of paper.

After punching the circles I turned my background paper over.  I drew a line about an inch above the bottom.  I did this easily by lining up my paper on the magnetic grid and then placing my straight edge across the background paper.  I then applied two lines of adhesive to below where I drew the lines.  I put the circles in place, touching the top of the circle to line.  I lined them up side by side in the order that I liked best.  The last circle did hang over the edge and I trimmed it off.

This is the back of my paper. The line is drawn, the adhesive is applied and the circles are put in place.

I then applied a strip of paper on top of the circles that was 11″ wide.

A piece of paper applied over the circles.

The final step in getting the page ready to decorate is to put the paper on the paper cutter and measure it.  Anything over 11″ must be cut from the top (unless a 12″x12″ paper is being used – then anything over 12″ must be cut from the top).  This is assuming that the scallop was applied to the bottom of the page, like mine was.  If it was applied to one side, the other side might need trimmed.  If it bordered a picture, nothing would need trimmed.

Here is my finished page.

Playing at the park after church, on Easter.

Isn’t this a cute way to use circles and to use up scrap paper?  Hope your day is incredible!  I also want to wish my oldest son a very happy birthday.  Twenty-eight years ago God gave me a wonderful blessing.  I am so grateful!

God bless!


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