A Simple Frame

I believe in making everything as simple as possible and still having a nice layout.  Here is a simple way to frame a picture.  All that is needed is a marker and a brad (or button, or eyelet,…) for each corner.

Me, my dad, and my bro at the Grand Canyon.

To accomplish this look all I did was to lay my paper (picture with mat already attached) on my grid.  I used my magnetic ruler to hold my paper in place and to help me draw a straight line.  I did this above, below, and on each side of the matted picture.  I then poked a hole with my paper piercer in each corner where the lines intersect.  I inserted a brad into each hole.  Waalaa, my quick frame is complete.  I then journaled and embellished my page and I was through.

I believe that doing things simply makes it more likely to scrapbook more often (and get more accomplished).

Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “A Simple Frame

  1. The season of life is cute. We all have a spring, summer, fall and winter in our lives. Like the beaded leaf and the very young parents. The pictures of each season. Very clever. Little Tim in second grade. How they grow. His glasses and patches on his shirts was his proud moment. The little ruler is good for showing how the kids grow so fast. Jacob and Tim. Birds of a feather, flock together. Jacob could be very entertaining with his stories, also. Tim has gotten a little quieter in his “old age”. Ha! How beautiful – thoughts for Thanksgiving. The Elvis picture. Wow! Elvis! The Easter picture with egg shaped cut outs. Cute. And of course lots of vacation memories. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving. We did too.

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