Fall Colors

We finally took a drive to see the fall colors.  We drove at times through the Blue Ridge Parkway.  My husband told me that he thought we should have went sooner because a lot of the trees had lost a lot of the leaves.  He was right.  Next year, if we get the opportunity to go, we will go mid October.  Here are a couple of pictures of what we saw.  It was still beautiful.

Part of the countryside.

Taken from the car. Look at the different colors. God with his paintbrush.

We tried to do something that Tim would enjoy (and us) because he doesn’t exactly like going for car rides.  We went to a cavern.  Here are a couple of pics of us in line to go inside (doesn’t he look enthusiastic?).

Waiting to go in the cave.

Brad and Tim – we had to wait 30-45 minutes. Not too bad.

Called the “Guess What” formation. Visitors are asked to name it.


We did have a good day.  For Tim it was a little slow but he will look back on it with fond memories.  I hope your weekend was wonderful!

God bless!


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