Fun Friday Pages

I am so glad it is Friday!  I know, I know, I always am.  I did want to tell everyone to get out there and vote.  My hubby and I did yesterday afternoon.  Only had to wait a couple of minutes.

Go vote!

Here are the pages that I completed this week.

My bro and his friends before their senior proms (and before they picked up their dates). Good lookin’ dudes!

Prom 1995.

Our first daschund, Chewey. Fun puppy!

Tim and some of his buds.

Tim and Lakota.

Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the fall color!

God bless!


4 thoughts on “Fun Friday Pages

  1. You sure had a busy week. Making cup cakes(which looks so good) and voting. We are going to vote Monday. I had a fun time looking at the scrap booking. Sam and his friends look like they belong to a barber shop quartet. Love the checked vest and tie. He’ll always remember that time. A handsome man indeed. The parted hair in the middle can go. ha Oh, little Chewey. Such a sweet little dog. He did leave me a gift under my bed though. Tim and his friend Jessie from church looks like they are having fun. What is the thing in Jessie’s hair? Tim started out being cool. His legs all crossed and looking studly. The idea on woven paper is a cute idea. Lots of work though. Sure dresses up the pictures. Michael and Courtney are so cute on the sliding board. I love how Michael’s name starts with a Mickey Mouse “M” The kids loved Disney. Like the jail suit and red socks on Michael. And Courtney loved Esmaralda. She wore that little outfit until it fell off her. She even wore it to the hospital when I was there. I’m sure the nurses got a kick out of that. So cute. Looks like Clayton is hamming it up for the camera. They were three buddies when they were little and still are. I sure enjoy seeing them. I look forward to Friday’s now. Thanks.

  2. Hooray it’s Friday, got the day off! Used it catching up on house cleaning–can’t seem to keep up when I’m working every day. I also decorated the house for fall. I thought the pages were good. The fellas look so handsome in their tuxes. It’s getting cold here so that usually mean I can scrapbook at night a little more.

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