Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a fun day/evening!  My favorite part of the day is seeing all the kiddos dressed in their costumes.  Here are my favorite costumes of my older kids.  So cute!

Ben was Robin Hood and Jake was Little John.

Found a LOL.

So funny!

Have a fun day!

God bless!




2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. I use the jellyroll scrapbook markers. I also have a blk calligraphy pen . Thought of getting some like you have. Around here halloween is just another day. Does Tim still go out? My kids quit at the age of 12. They would go to help at truth or treat at church.

    • I love the Micron (fine point pens) and Callipens (calligraphy). I got some of them from Creative Memories when I first started scrapping and they are still good. They sale them at most craft stores. Awesome product!
      Tim is going to a few houses with a friend. He was just going to hand out candy but a friend came over. I’m not going to discourage him – they grow up fast enough (at least for another year or so). 🙂
      You are so far out in the country you probably don’t get many kids. This is the first house that we have lived in that we have a lot of them. Fun!

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