Marker Organization

It’s a great day!  Hope your Monday was successful!  Fall is here and I love this time of year!  Beautiful colors on the trees (and ground).  Temperatures I dream about in the hot summer and cold winter.

Today I want to show how I store my markers.  I keep the majority of them on my desktop in a container that has four compartments.  One compartment I keep my fine point markers in – the ones I use the most. Another I keep my calligraphy markers in. The third compartment (which is getting very full) I keep all others (silver, gold, metallic, round-tip…).  Finally, the last compartment has scissors, a small straight edge, and a few other small hand tools that I use more often than others.

Containing my markers.

I’ve really liked how this container let me divide my markers into different sections. Makes it easier to grab what I want.

I do have colored pencils and a few other markers that I keep in a drawer.  I rarely use my pencils but just yesterday I was reading a scrapbooking book about using them.  Maybe I’ll break them out and get creative.

I hope the rest of your week is wonderful!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Marker Organization

  1. I only have a few markers. I have been thinking of getting a few more, what kind to you like? Do you mainly use them for journaling or what? Have you ever used the markers or the colored pencils with stamps? if so let me know.

    • I mainly use my markers for journaling but I also draw (not much of an artist) and color in things. I don’t use stamps a lot. I know that is getting more and more popular with scrapbooking. I have seen a lot of markers that you can draw (paint) on the stamps instead of using the stamp pads. This is nice because you can choose what colors to put on different areas of the stamp. For instance you could make the leaves green and the petals of a flower yellow. There are a lot of ways to get creative with scrapbooking! What do you usually journal with?

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