Project Life Christmas and Friends

Happy Valentine’s Day!



More work done in the craft room.  More than just scrapping.  We are getting ready to put our house on the market and I have started packing it up.  I am packing the things that I use the least first.  I am going to be sad when I have to pack up all of the scrapbooking things and stop scrapping until I unload in a different house.

Here are a few pages of PL.

More Christmas

The first photo is of Abby sitting at the vanity that Brad and I refinished.  It was a thrift store find.  I love how this picture has Abby’s face in the mirror.  The top two small pics and the picture below them is of everyone playing with their Nerf guns.  Love the pics of Ben and Matthew.  Amber looks really serious about her aiming.  I attached that picture to a large PL card.  I then put a play gun sticker beside it.  The bottom left picture is Matthew with a rocket (bath time fun).  Then (sharing one slot) two pics of Brad with a present and his stocking.  It was a good day.

Family friends visit.

Right after Christmas some of our NC friends came to visit.  They have kids so Matthew and Abby had a fun time with them.  The top 1/2 of the page is playing in our back yard.  The first bottom picture is of Matthew outside a restaurant in Beaufort.  Brad and I watched the kids for a few days while the parents worked.  The bottom two small slots have one PL card cut in 1/2.  I put a journaling card on the card before I cut it.  I journaled about our friends visiting and about the rooster.  I added stickers.  I think the car and track stickers look perfect because of the picture on the top far right.  Finally, the last slot is a PL card that says “well, hello there”.

Love the pages and love finishing up a project.  Almost through.  Just bringing in the new year.  Hopefully tomorrow that will happen.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Christmas and Friends

  1. Lots of work on this page. Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, Abby is the fairest of them all. You and Brad did a great job on the vanity. Fit for a princess. Nerf time is so much fun. Shoot people and they don’t feel a thing. Two rugged cowboys named Matthew and Ben. Then there’s Annie Oakley coming to their rescue. Bath time with lots of soap, bubbles, and water all over. That’s what taking a bath is all about. Brad and his silly faces. He makes things so much fun. A real clown. Glad the kids got to have some fun with other kids. Colorful rooster. Fun times all around.

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