More of Project Life (Almost Done)

Hello  there,

Hope your weekend was wonderful.  Mine went (as it always does)  way too fast.  Hubby had to work today but not too late.  Watched a few TV shows with the family this evening and had some laughs.  🙂

More PL layouts.


Look at the Gingerbread house Contest in Savannah.

The left top pic was Brad and I.  The right top pic was our friends Karen and Corey.  The top small pic is of the theater in Savannah (loved it).  The second small slot has a PL card with a winter sticker on it.  The third small slot has a picture of a fireplace with stockings hung (love it a lot, too).  The bottom small slot has a PL card that tells about what is happening on the page.  It has a 3D sticker that says Merry Christmas with snowflakes.  I added some more snowflake stickers on the top of the card.  The bottom left pic is a beautiful little church.  The bottom right pic is of Snoopy on his dog house.  Love, love, love all of them!

Some of our Christmas pics.

I also have scrapped some Christmas pics.  The top left is of my youngest in my new dachshund apron.  He is a much better model of it than I.  🙂  The top small slot has a sparkly deer on a blue card.  The second small slot has a small journaling card that I wrote about the pics and put two cute deer stickers on (and snowflakes).  I just noticed that I didn’t use the corner rounder on one of the corners.  Oops.  The third slot uses a snowflake made with a dryer sheet (I will post a video below to show how Terri and I learned about this skill) and a deer, snowflakes, and a Merry Christmas sticker along the bottom of a card.  The bottom left pic is of my middle son opening a gift and being silly.  The bottom small slot shows him with the same present (Google Home).  The third small slot is of a gift that my friend Grace gave me and my husband.  I added my own special touch – some mini mugs with some of my family’s names on them.  I bought them a long time ago and I gave one to my mom and dad.  When they passed away I got them back.  I want to find some for other members of my family.  That would be awesome!  Love the gift!

Here is the video of the dryer sheet project.


That is all for the day.  Hopefully more tomorrow – a busy time so I am never sure.

God bless!


3 thoughts on “More of Project Life (Almost Done)

  1. Going to look at the gingerbread houses would be cool . I think they have that here. I might try to go this next Christmas. Ben looks excited over his gift!! The little cups are neat, Ive never saw them before. Thats cool they fit on your new shelf. I forgot about our video . We do have fun doing them.

  2. Getting all ready for the Christmas holidays. So many thing to see and do. I see the elfs are busy making everything merry and bright. The one in the apron and the one excited about his Goggle Home. They are useful. If you wear the apron, you have to cook the next meal. ha Nice you got to keep your cups from your parents. They are precious now. So much to do and you think you will never get done…but somehow it seems to work out. Like the video and all the cute stickers.

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