Project Life Week 51 (2016)

Hello out there,

Since I finished up Tim’s albums I am in the mindset of finishing other projects – I have a few.  I have seen t-shirts that say “Queen of Unfinished Projects”.  I never thought that applied to me until last year.  Suddenly life got a little out of control and I have a lot of things that are “almost” done.  Now to tie up at least a few of those ends.

Week 51 of year 2016 – Project Life album.

I fully intended to have a 2017 album but I got so far behind that I came to accept several months ago that Project LIfe is a part of my past – at least for now.  They are my husband’s favorite albums but it is so easy to get behind.  It was hard for me to admit defeat – especially since I had already printed several months of 2017’s pictures.

Week 51 was mostly about Tim.  The first picture is Tim getting ready to go out of our door for his last day of school.  He finished high school in December but didn’t graduate until May 31st.  The right pic on the first row is him getting out of the car at school.  The first small card is a tan PL card that I put a high school sticker along the bottom of.  I also put a sticker that says, “outta here”.  And I put alpha/numeric stickers to show that it was week 51.  I wrote how it was Tim’s last day.  The second small project life card was a school card.  I filled in when he attended, what school and explained in the notes section how he finished in Dec but didn’t graduate until May.  The bottom left slot has a picture of Tim and his favorite teacher.  I trimmed down a PL card that says, “Memorable teacher” and attached it to the bottom of the picture.  I wrote her name and how she was Tim’s favorite teacher.  The third small slot talked about an endoscopy that Tim had the day after he finished school.  He was trying to figure out about his life time struggle of acid reflux.  The bottom small slot  has a pic of Tim at the hospital.  Finally, the last slot on the page is of his school’s mascot that was painted on the wall.  I added more of the “high school” sticker across the bottom of the picture.

That is all for the day.  Tomorrow – 2016 Christmas.  Wow!  I am behind!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 51 (2016)

  1. I figure every day we accomplish something is a good day. Life events change along with our goals. I sure Tim will enjoy looking back and viewing those special times.

  2. How fast a year goes. It’s Spring and then all of a sudden it’s Winter. Quite a year for Tim. Graduation, moving, doctors, so many things is such a short time. And now comes another event and another year. Wonder what this one will hold? Lots of good things I hope.

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