1st Car

Hey Guys,

This is the last layout for Tim’s senior/high school albums.  I am so excited about the albums being finished for two reasons.  One:  They are awesome!  Two:  I honestly am ready to scrap something else and to finish some other projects.  🙂

Here is the last page – it is wonderful!

Tim’s first car – he got it on his 19th birthday.

I had been saving some of the stickers for quite some time for this layout.  I dug through several of my travel papers to decide what I wanted on my background.  I like this one the best because of all the street signs and because it is kind of muted.  I didn’t want the page to be too busy.  I then matted the picture of Tim and the car.  I added the border sticker on the bottom of the page.  I attached the photo after figuring out where I wanted everything.  I then matted the stoplight sticker and the “Speed Limit 50” sticker (saving room to have a tag to journal on beside it).  I attached those to the background paper and then added the sticker that created the title of the page – 1st car.

It wasn’t a lot of work but it did take planning and thought.  Love it!

God bless!


One thought on “1st Car

  1. First cars are so special. So many plans and trips to make in it. The background paper is perfect and all the little sticker signs. Nice car though. The stop sign says Red..stop growing up…Yellow..be careful in the big world out there…and Green…go for it. Give all you can. Do you wish it was like his electric car…then he would be a little kid again?

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