Senior Picture Collage

Hi friends,

I have another idea that Pinterest helped to inspire.

Senior collage layout. – <3

I started with a perfect piece of background paper.  All of Tim’s pictures were taken outside – most where there were trees.  I then punched several squares out of complementary brown paper.  I cut out some rectangles that were twice as big as the squares.  I then punched pictures from the next size smaller of square punches.  I also cut out pictures to go onto the brown rectangular paper.  I wanted to put the year that Tim graduated and I knew where those numbers and squares would go so I attached those squares to the page.  I used my magnetic rulers to keep everything where I wanted it.  Next I played around with where I wanted the pictures.  When I finally found the way that I liked them the best I adhered them to the page.  I love how it turned out!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Senior Picture Collage

  1. I love this page .It is one of your best ones!! . I like how the brown paper compliments the background paper. A good masculine page.

  2. Really like the date going across the page. Love the dark browns and green leaves in the background. All nice pictures of Tim. You did a great job.

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