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Hello friends,

It has been a long time.  I got so busy with Christmas (part of the reason was making over 60 Christmas cards).  Finally had a wonderful Christmas and everything important fell into place.  Then we helped our middle son move to Virginia Beach with his family and took our youngest back to NC.  Now I am trying to start a new life with just my husband and I.  Can’t say that I am very prepared.

So….I bought a stamp set from Stampin’ Up.  I was going to make it all about a beachy Christmas.  I always have bought a Jesus centered Christmas card but just once I wanted to focus on how it can be ok to have seashells instead of snowflakes (I have really missed the snowflakes that I grew up with).

I found an idea on Pinterest that I liked but I had already bought some papers to use so it was a little different.

Here is the Pinterest idea that I found:

Pinterest idea that I found – not mine.

Here is the first cards that I made.

My first attempts of the Christmas cards looked like this.

I liked this but it took a lot of time because of the coloring of the tree.  I was getting frustrated because Christmas was quickly approaching.

I then did another try using a teal paper with a white stamp for the tree.  I was using a white card to start the layering process.  I liked what I did but I accidentally found something quicker that popped more.  That is what I did the last 1/2 of my cards with (give or take).  I intended to buy aqua envelopes and I accidentally bought aqua cards.  I ended up using them and saved myself a lot of time cutting and folding cards.  Normally it isn’t a big deal but I was under a time crunch and I was making a lot.

This is what the rest of my cards looked like.

2017 Christmas card.

I like this version the best.  I do like how the Pinterest card had another layer on the tag.  It would have taken quite a bit of time to add that touch.

On the inside it was stamped, “Have yourself a beachy little Christmas.”

I added a pic of Brad, Tim, and I at a buoy that had washed up on Hilton Head during the hurricane this year.  It is no longer there but it was a photo op for several weeks.

What the hurricane washed up.

So…I hope your Christmas and New Year was/is wonderful!

God bless you and yours – abundantly!


2 thoughts on “My Christmas Cards

  1. I really thought you did a great job on the cards. Loved and saved the one you sent. Adding the buoy pictures a=was a nice touch, The buoy looks like it was Big. We forget how deep the water is when we see them floating. Great job on the cards.

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