Weaving a Mat

It’s Thursday! Over half way to the weekend!  The last two days I’ve showed how to weave to make a background page.  Today I want to show how to weave a mat.  It really turns out cute!

The first thing that I did was to tear my paper (again I used two colors – I had a third color for my background page) into 1″ strips.  The number of strips needed depends on how big the picture is.  I then laid down one color of strips and tried to decide how I wanted them – I knew I didn’t want them straight across.  After I got the basic idea I wove the other color – under, over – all the way across.  I then attached the strip to the first and last vertical strip.

My first horizontal strip is woven and attached to the end vertical strips.

I then continued to weave the horizontal strips as far down as needed (depending on picture size and look desired).

My mat is completely woven.

What I did next was attach the picture to the mat and then attach the mat to the background page.  I then tore off any extra ends until the desired look was accomplished.  Here is my finished page.

Oh, what a cutie!

I think it is adorable!

God bless you and yours on this fine day!


2 thoughts on “Weaving a Mat

  1. Sorry I have not had time to reply. Working and trying to get the deck built. I really thought the green and yellow weave looked good with that picture. I like all the new ideas you’re coming up with! Hope all have a great fall weekend.

    • Hope you are taking pics of your project. That would be a cool scrapbook – all the projects you have done to your house (before and after). Thanks! Hope you have a great weekend!

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