Crazy Hair, Don’t Care

Hi friends,

Today I completed a silly layout.  Tim has had silly hair at different times.  He has had green hair before he went to a Twenty-one Pilots Concert.  And when he went to his family in Iowa we weren’t sure what hair he would come home with (only happened a couple of times).

Tim with some of his crazy hair (he has also had some awesome hair).

I used two sheets of paper that had different colors of spots (one had orange and one had green).  I matted the orange hair pic with the orange spot paper and the green hair pic with the green spot paper.  I then adhered them to the striped cardstock.  (It had green and orange in it, too). I left a larger space on the orange spotted mat at the bottom and put alpha stickers that say “Crazy Hair”.  I left a larger space on the top of the green spotted mat and put alpha stickers that say “Don’t Care”.   I punched some orange and green circles and adhered them to the striped cardstock on top of the page.  I used a journaling tag and wrote about who were in the pictures and put that on the striped cardstock on the bottom of the layout.

Cute page for such silly hair.

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Crazy Hair, Don’t Care

  1. Cute page . A great way of showing the time and age of Tim. He will enjoying looking back when he’s older, I’m sure . I did a page similar to this one ,but I called it The shades of Jessi. How did we express ourselves before hair dye? lol

  2. Looking somewhat like a carrot or a green lawn. So funny. We all try to be different at times. My high school friend and I wanted green hair for St Patrick’s Day. Her hair was blond so it showed up good. Not so with mine. My hair was too dark. Now I can sadly say that I would pass for a green light if I tried it today. Anyway, it’s something fun to do and you can always know that your hair will come back in not too long. Now there is every color of the rainbow to experiment with. Now lets see, Christmas is coming, do I want green hair, red hair, or a mixture?

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