Goofy Pics


It’s hump day!  Making it through the week and getting closer to the weekend!

Today I have a doctor appointment – no big deal but I don’t like going to the doctor.  But at least it is hump day!

Goofy, silly guy!

My husband (and me – a little) took my son’s senior pics.  Actually we took all of our boys senior pictures.  My husband tends to go on and on and on (one of the benefits of the digital camera, right?).  These are some of the pictures towards the end of the photo shoots where Tim was ready to be done.  He started acting goofy.

I trimmed down some of the pictures and I matted all of them.  I adhered them to the wonderful piece of cardstock.  I cut out a rectangle (that was the width of the matted picture) and adhered alpha stickers that say “enough”. I adhered it across a part of a picture that was not needed.  I also adhered the alpha stickers in the middle of the layout that say “goofy!”.

Cute page for a cute guy.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Goofy Pics

  1. I really like the background paper. It’s a great match with the matted pics. Our kids got sick of us taking pictures too. I agree (Got to love Digital) . Good job.

  2. The graduation shots that never quite made the cut. ha Sure are cute ones. Makes for a good smile for the day. EJ had a doctor’s appointment also. I dread them because he’s always gone for two hours. Sitting in the doctors’ office trying not to look too nosy at other people and looking at a TV that is never loud enough. Need a real good book that is hard to put down. Not so lucky finding one. Aren’t you happy you caught all these poses? I am.

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