Diego and Kansas (the dog)

Happy Friday,

Not many plans for the weekend but glad it is here.

Still working on Tim’s album.  Several pages left but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

This page is about Tim’s dogs.  He loves them – especially Diego.

Tim and his pups.

I used the background paper I had that had paw prints on it.  I then put three pics of the doggies on a piece of brown cardstock and left a wide space on the bottom.  I then added some cute stickers.  Finally I put stickers that said ‘Diego &”.  Then I put a sticker that I got from the state of Kansas.  I crossed out “The 34th state” and put the word “dog” below.  Me and my sense of humor.

Cute page of Tim and his pooches!

God bless and have an awesome weekend!


One thought on “Diego and Kansas (the dog)

  1. Little Diego, one of my favorite little dogs in the world. He is always so friendly and happy. Liking that Kansas and Diego are friends. Even though I’m sure the little sister can be a pest at times. Like how you used the Kansas sticker to honor little girl Kansas. Very cute. Poncho Gonzales looks a little embarrassed in his sombrero.

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