Senior Pics at the Angel Oak Tree

Hi friends,

This is a quick layout.  I started it with a postcard that I bought from the gift shop.

Angel Oak senior pics.

I matted the postcard (just like I did the pictures) and put it on a beautiful piece of cardstock that works perfectly for his school colors and for a tree.

I then matted the picture to the right and attached it to the layout.

Finally, I wanted to mat the picture but I also wanted it to be a little snazzy.  I took the mat and turned it (and attached it to the page).  I then attached the picture (turned different than the mat).  Finally I added stickers to the top and bottom of the mat that went over the corners of the picture.  They say “senior” all across the sticker.

Last, in the empty space I added a sticker that says “class of” and numeric stickers for “2017”.

Very simple page but I love how it turned out!

God bless all of you!


2 thoughts on “Senior Pics at the Angel Oak Tree

  1. I like how you turned the matted picture, It adds a lot of interest to the page. The colors go great with the OAK tree. A simple but, good page.

  2. Nice happy picture. A beautiful tree that must be very old. And now a young sprout (Tim) getting ready to grow and become a sturdy tree. (I think I have been reading too many achievement books lately. ha) Anyway, a smile that says “soon, it will be all over and I will be able to graduate.

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