Marine Ball (ROTC)


Hump day!

Hope you are flying through the week and having a good time at it!  We are busy little campers, here.  We are having cars worked on, putting in a new kitchen sink and faucet (home improvement that we have never done before), besides taking care of some medical stuff and everyday life.

Here is a layout that I tackled and love!

Tim’s freshmen year ROTC experience ended with this finale.

First I emptied a bowl of seashells and traced the circumference of the bowl on the page (lightly with a pencil).  I matted the two pics that I wanted to use and decided where I wanted them on the page.  I then started putting the alpha stickers on the page -“Marine Ball”.

I found out later that I should have put Military Ball but I am not changing it.  It was at Paris Island, which is for the marines, so that is the reason my thinking went astray.  I guess if I would have scrapped it sooner my middle aged brain might have remembered correctly.  🙂

I then added the numeric stickers for the year.  I filled in the rest of the circle that I had traced with fun dance and music stickers.  I also added a disco ball in the top right corner and a sticker that says “Let’s Dance” in the top left corner.

A word of advice – or I could say, learn from my mistake – the pencil was a pain to get off the page (even when lightly traced).  I covered most of it with the stickers and pictures but then there were parts that were difficult to erase without damaging the paper.  From now on I am going to try it on the reverse side that I am going to be using and make sure I have the proper eraser available. (A gum eraser seems to work best and it will even help remove adhesives).

Thanks for stopping by.  See you on the other side of the week.

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Marine Ball (ROTC)

  1. I hope you get a moment to relax. I like how you did the circle on the layout. The page looks good. You captured the fun moment in time with vivid colors and stickers. Hope all is well.

  2. I’m sure it was a night to remember. Everyone looks beautiful in their dresses and the guys in their uniforms. You really did a good job making it so fine. Real cute how you circled the pictures. So colorful and bright. I see the little camera hiding out. Fun times. Is there a pencil out there somewhere that the lead marks disappear or an ink pen? Seems I remember seeing one.

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