Hats Off!

Happy Monday!

I am still working on Tim’s albumS.  Yes, I am admitting that there will be two high school albums.  One for his freshman, sophomore, and junior year.  One for his senior year.

Throwing up caps and beach balls.

It is kind of hard to see the hats and beach balls but they were there (and are in the pictures on close inspection).  🙂

I love the paper because it looks like a whole bunch of hats and balls at the bottom and then scattered ones the closer that they got to the top.  Like they were being thrown into the air.  I added some graduation caps(with fun expressions beside them) and a beach ball stickers to the layout.  I matted two pics on a piece of black paper and then made them separated with washi tape.  Last, I added a 3D sticker that says “Hats off to you!”.

Hope your Monday (and mine) is awesome!

God bless!


One thought on “Hats Off!

  1. Love all the little hats flying up in the air. Reminds me of you and Brad’s graduation. You all had to wait for the very end to get your diplomas. Names ending in T and W. Sweet page. A little sunshine to brighten it all up. The token little beach ball that was thrown to celebrate.

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