A Tim Collage

Happy Monday,

I had a really great weekend and I hate for it to end but the weekdays will be good, too. (But really looking forward to next weekend).

Fun pics that didn’t have a home – now they do. Love a collage layout!

Pics from stopping for a cave tour on vacation, his Lifetouch Safe Smile cards, Tim leaving for junior prom with US (doesn’t happen often), jumping on a trampoline, Chuck E. Cheese, boating in Iowa with a bucket on his head, and his last Easter basket.  🙂  I arranged and rearranged.  I even matted a few.  Finally I adhered the pics and left a gap in the top right corner for a quote from Dr. Seuss.  Last, I put a border sticker on the bottom of the layout.  Fun page (especially with Chuck E).

Thanks for stopping by!

God bless!


One thought on “A Tim Collage

  1. Lots of fun times to be cherished and remembered. So many little things in life we take for granted. So happy you were to able to capture some of them. Vacations to be had, proms to attend, trampolines to be jumped on, pizza to be eaten, acting silly with a bucket, and of course the last giving of the token Easter basket. Loving Dr. Seuss. Full of fun times.

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