High School Jobs


Every time that Tim had a job I tried to save something from the job for a scrapbook page.  For some reason I couldn’t find something from one of his jobs (Panera Bread) but have a pretty good layout regardless.

Tim’s jobs for spending money.

I also couldn’t find his stuff from Chick Fil A but I printed off their logo and matted it.  I also had a picture of him in the back seat of a car with his uniform and name tag.  I had his name tag and the lanyard from Journeys shoe store.  I used the lanyard as a ribbon across the bottom of the page.  I also had his name tag from Dollar General.  I matted the picture and added a couple of fast food stickers.  I also had a journaling card where I wrote about all of the jobs – including Panera.  I labeled the page “High School Jobs” and put it on the mat with the Chick Fil A logo.  Busy page but fun.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “High School Jobs

  1. Lots of different jobs and getting a feel for the real world. Having to get up early and head out to the “salt mines.” It’s good to get a taste of different kinds of jobs. You may be able to decide which vocation you want to go in to. Being young, it’s hard to know exactly. Fun page to remember the different jobs and friends made along the way. Funny symbols for a happy page.

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