Tim & Tiara


Today’s layout was a quickie.  Still turned out cute.

A fun time at a trampoline house.

I love the background paper.  It says “just us” , “no worries”, and “no work” over and over again in blocks.  I also love the color and the feel of the paper.  I matted three trimmed down pics of the sibs with spaces in between.  I also left a big space to the left of the pictures.  I adhered the mat to the layout and then added glittery foam letters.  Sweet!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Tim & Tiara

  1. I think you’ve got those creative juices going lately!! I agree it is a simple, but cute page. Did Tiara know how to skateboard? Glad they have got to spend some time together.

  2. Siblings bonding. Time to get to know each other better. Looks like they are having some fun. Real cute paper. You would never think lime green and turquoise would look so nice together. The names along the side are different.

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