Friends (Layout)

Hi guys,

This is a layout about Tim’s best friends – from the one that he has known since he was a newborn, to the brothers that he met in our old neighborhood.

Tim and his best buds.

I matted two pics “normally” and then put one on a mat sideways.  I then added three of the dots for each color of mat.  I added a story for the layout. I put a frame sticker on the cardstock and then wrote inside of it directly on the cardstock.  I used two different kinds of letter stickers to form the word “friends” and then put a sticker on that says “friends to the end”.

Love how it turned out!

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Friends (Layout)

  1. You never forget old friends. Even if you haven’t seen them in years you still remember things that you did and said. Nice things to think about. Cute how you used dots to match the frames. Happy page. I’m sure someday Tim will get to visit them again.

  2. I have Great Friends! Love the page layout, I believe your getting more creative. I like how you staggered the pictures. The (friend) title is a good color choice . Hope all is going great.

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