Weaving with a Border

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Hope your Tuesday was wonderful!  Yesterday I made a woven background page.  Today I am going to do the same thing but to make it with a border.  I am going to use the same color scheme because I am going to put the pages from yesterday and today together.  The border is going to be yellow.  The way I decide the width of my border may be different than others.  Since I scrap with 8 1/2″x11″ papers to create a border I start with a 12″x12″ paper and cut it down to 8 1/2″x11″.  The thick scrap left is the perfect size for my border.

After creating my plain yellow border I tear green and blue strips that are 1″ wide.  I then attach one narrow end of the green strips (or whatever color I desire the background page to be) to the bottom of the border.  I then keep attaching the strips until I get to the top of the border.  I then attach the border (with the green strips attached to it) to a card stock of plain – I used white – paper.  I only put adhesive on the border part.

Border with green strips of card stock attached.

Then, starting at the top I start to weave in the blue strips that I have torn.  I first start close to the border going under and over, under and over until I reach the bottom.  I attach the strip that I just wove to the top of the green strip.  I then weave in another strip.  I alternate.  If I started the first strip on top of the green, the next strip will start below the green.  I continue doing this until I get to the edge of the white card stock.  Sometimes the last strip will need to be shaved off a bit before weaving it.

Weaving in the 2nd color for the woven/border page.

Once all of the strips are in place, I trim the extra off to be the same size as the 8 1/2″x11″ card stock.  Finally, I adhere all the loose pieces to the paper below them and WALA – it is complete.  Here is my finished page.  It is so colorful!

MY adorable nephew and niece.

I hope you are enjoying these ideas!  Have a blessed day!


2 thoughts on “Weaving with a Border

  1. What a great website!! You are so creative. Hopefully I will make the time to do some scrapbooking of my own. Everything is so cute. I really love what you did with Courts and Michael’s pics. Also, thanks for always sending the extra prints of the family. Just received the pictures of Courts and Kayla … what a wonderful birthday gift that was!! I am blessed with the most amazing family ever!! Love, Cindy

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