Timmy Turner (and His Fairly Odd Parents)

Hello, hello!

This is a fun page.

Before Tim was born we would sit on our couch and think about names.  We knew that we wanted a biblical first name because our oldest two boys had biblical first names.  We finally decided on Timothy.

A few years after he was born a cartoon came out named Timmy Turner and His Fairly Odd Parents.  Tim was teased from before the time he entered school.  It was all in the spirit of fun but he hated it.

I had to have a layout with Timmy Turner and his Fairly Odd Parents on it.  The name does fit our situation perfectly.  😉

Tim and his odd parents.

I used the Cricut to cut out Tim’s name and the “and his fairly odd”.  I used a tiny glue pen to adhere the letters to the page.  (After matting – twice- the picture and adhering it to the layout.  I then used alpha stickers for the word “parents”.  Finally, I journaled about the name thing and adhered that to the layout.  Cute page!  Not so sure if Tim thinks it is a cute memory.  🙂

God bless!


One thought on “Timmy Turner (and His Fairly Odd Parents)

  1. Nice very odd parents though. It’s fun to be odd sometimes. I bet Tim did hate the kids teasing him at school. I would too. I was called freckle face one time and it nearly ended my life. ha I went to the old Katz Drug store and bought something called Mercanized (the spelling I’m not sure of) Freckle Cream. It was suppose to bleach out your freckles. All it did was whiten my skin to look zombie like. Michael Jackson comes to mind. I think I’ll try to look it up on the web. ha I lost the battle. Now they say freckles are cute. Too bad it wasn’t back then. Anyway, a simple page but it does put a smile on your face.

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