Tim and His Girlfriend


Today’s layout is a collage page of Tim and his girlfriend.  They have been dating since 8th grade.  They have stayed together even though we moved from NC to SC.  Absence makes their hearts grow fonder?

Tim and Camila – what a nice looking couple!

I put several pics of the couple on the page.  The one that I love is the bottom left one – they look so young.  I left a space on the cardstock in the middle.  I used Black and gold alpha stickers to add their names.  I also got a fancy “&” that is black and gold.  I added black flowers and put “diamond studs” in the center of them.  I also added a camera sticker (I love camera stickers).  Last but not least I added 7 black rhinestones across the top of Camila’s name.

Turned out awesome!

That is all for the day!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Tim and His Girlfriend

  1. It is a wonder the kids liked each other that long. Very unusual. Young love. You always remember the first. Mine was named Johnny Meuller and our first kiss was in the eight grade on the school grounds. You sure decorated the page up pretty. That little camera sure captured a lot. I hope the kids have lots of shiny and pretty diamonds in their life.

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