Yearbook Picture Proofs

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When Tim had his picture taken for the yearbook they sent a lot of proofs to us(hoping we would buy all of his senior pictures through their company).  There were a lot of pictures but a lot of them looked very similar.  I chose a few of the best ones and made a layout. (I have a file of all of the extra pictures I haven’t used – you never know when you might need them).

A few of the proofs from his yearbook pictures.

I matted all of the pictures (One of the pictures I matted on part of the folder that the proofs came in.  It says “Prestige” in a shiny square.  It was really good quality cardstock).  After matting the pics I practiced layering the pictures where they wouldn’t cover up his face and still left a empty space on the page for the title.  After playing around I adhered the pictures and then added alpha stickers saying “yearbook proofs”.  I then added a blingy cap sticker and a sticker that says “HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES”.  Pretty simple page.

That is it for this awesome Friday.  Hope your holiday weekend keeps you safe and happy.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Yearbook Picture Proofs

  1. The pictures do look very similar ,but they are very good. Tim always takes such good pictures. I like how you staggered the pictures on the layout instead of putting them side by side, They also look good matted and the jewel sticker is a nice touch.

  2. Tim looks ready to star in a TV sitcom. He would be one of the guys all the girls swoon over. Swoon. ha ha Giving away my age. Anyway, fun to look at the different poses. Like the sayings and the glitzy cap.

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