A Corny Layout

Howdy friends, family and fellow scrappers,

Today I am showing you one of Terri’s awesome layouts.  She takes scrapping to a whole new level.  🙂

What a corny idea. 😉

Terri had a decorative piece of paper that was decorated with corn.  Her daughter and her daughter’s fiance were in a corn maze so she used the corn paper to create a fun layout.  She cut out a rectangle of the corn paper and used it like a big mat for the picture.  She adhered the picture to the back of the paper so that it was showing through.  She used a white rectangle of paper to add the cute title to (Lost in the cornfield with you).  She also used washi tape around the picture.  She used what looks like a corn seed packet for decoration.  Finally for the 3D effect she took a pop can pull and tied thread (kind of like corn silk) to it.  She adhered it to the page.

What a fun layout.

Thanks for sharing, Terri!

God bless!


3 thoughts on “A Corny Layout

  1. Who would think a corn seed packet would be the star of the show? So cute. Fun idea with the metal pop lid and string. Nice back ground paper also. Guess your daughter didn’t mind getting lost in the corn field with this guy. They are a cute couple. Reminds me to go to the store tomorrow. Corn is 15 cents per piece. I love corn of the cob with lots of butter and salt. Great looking page for your scrap book. I’m sure your daughter will enjoy seeing it. Real fun to look at.

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