Time….Slow Down

Hi friends,

Finished a layout that pulls at my heartstrings.  It started with a picture that Tim had taken in kindergarten.  It was sent home at the end of the year all laminated.  It has been in a file for scrapping for years.  The other picture is more current.  It shows how fast time is going and how much my boy has grown.  He is now a young man.

My boy is now a man.

The left side of the page is a real mellow sun and sky.  The right side has a camera background.  I divided the two papers with a border sticker.  On the left I used two different kind of letters to write “Dear Time” “Please slow down”.  I then put a clock on the page.

On the right side of the page I put the laminated picture on the mat that my friend and I made using watercolor and salt.  I will put the link below to a YouTube video that we made.  I also used another watercolor and salt mat in blue on the bottom picture with Brad, Tim, and I.

That is all for today.  I think I need to go look at the scrapbooks I made when Tim was young.  Kind of feeling melancholy.

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Time….Slow Down

  1. The video was pretty good. I might use the idea on my layouts ,but thought I might use it for Sunday school on my lesson for Jonah aand the whale. Time does go by fast . I remember Tim as a baby..

  2. Little baby Tim and now a grown up man ready to face the world. Seems so long ago and also a short time ago. Time really does slip away. Nice idea with the clock and the sun of many days. Now I’m feeling sad about all my babies all grown up and having their babies. Seems like yesterday. The camera saved time and space. Who ever invented it should be honored as one of the great inventors. Maybe he is.

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