Birthday Wishes

Hi friends,

Getting more cards ready for birthdays of friends and family.  I don’t send many other cards.  Sometimes there will be a graduation, get well, or thank you card but usually it is a birthday one that gets sent.

I have been going to a card class.  The teacher will sometimes vary from the birthday theme.  Another one of the “students” started replacing the “thank you” stamp with a “happy birthday” one because she is a lot like me.  She sends out a lot of birthday cards.  🙂  Over the weekend I went to Hobby Lobby and bought me a couple of birthday stamps so that I can do the same thing.  No use making a card if it might not get used.  This will guarantee that my time was well spent.

A more difficult card.

This card had a lot of steps and a few will take me some time to get use to.  First we inked up a brayer (a roller that we put ink on) with three colors of ink and rolled it over the embossing folder (the part of the folder that makes the design).  Then we carefully placed the aqua paper into the folder and ran it through the machine.  It really turned out cool!  Then we adhered the ribbon to the back side of the aqua paper and attached it to the card.

The next step is a little more difficult and I just need to stamp more to get use to it.  I used a shiny, slippery paper that is great for watercolor inks.  Using a water brush I inked up the bottom of the paper with the rosy ink and the top with the aqua ink.   I then stamped it with the bottom of the ocean stamp using embossing ink.  I  then sprinkled on the embossing glitter and used the heat gun to make it shine.  Love the transition part of using a heat gun!  I then covered the “bottom of the ocean” with sticky notes (called masking) and then stamped on the ocean plants and the message.  I stamped the mermaid onto another piece of the slippery paper using the embossing ink.  I sprinkled and heated her to make her shine.  I had water in my water brush.  I brushed it onto the ink I wanted to use and colored the mermaids hair, body and tail.  I made sure to brush all of the ink out of the water brush when changing colors of ink.The mermaid then was attached to the card.  The last step was adding a few sequins for bling. The message stamp got a little smeared (slippery paper) but I will get use to using it because my friend and I ordered some to share.  🙂

Thinking of you card.

The next card was much easier and it is getting me much needed practice stamping.  So, first you cut out all of your layers of paper.  Then you adhere the reddish papers to the card.  Then stamp the white card with the green grass, then the tree base, and finally the tree flowers.  The tree flowers are actually stamped three times.  Once with the darker color which stands out more.  Then two times with the lighter pinkish color.  With the lighter color the stamp is turned slightly to the left the first time and then slightly to the right with the second stamp.  Finally, stamp the swing.  It was a little difficult to position but it turned out great.  Some people added two swings on the same side or one on each side.  I just stuck with the single swing.  By this time in the class I was starting to wear out and decided to leave it like it was since it was ok.  🙂  The  last stamp I did was the wording.  I rubbed my finger over it (I don’t know why) and it smeared a bit.  To make it less obvious I I used a light coating of glitter glue on it.  Then a rhinestone was attached to each side of the words.  I added a little glitter glue around those, too.

That is all for the day.  More card making later.  So much crafting to do!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Sorry I haven’t replied for awhile,I got busy. I love all the card that you have been doing. Wish I could be learning some of those technique. The cards really look great. I really like the swing one. Keep up that inspirational learning!!!

  2. Really sweet cards. Bet I know who gets the mermaid card. All ocean-anee (new word) and glittery fins and bubbles. Lots of work and well worth the results. Really like the swing one. Reminds me of a warm summer evening and going out to swing and cool off. A little swing waiting for someone to play with. Cards do tell a story. Seems as if you are getting into the groove of making cards. Looks like a lot of fun.

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