License to Drive


Today I am scrapping Tim’s driving lessons and getting his license.  I had bought a heavy page of cut outs that involved the whole drivers license process.  I bought it a few years back.  I really thought he would want to get his license when he was closer to 16 but he was dragging his feet and it was just a few days short of his 18th birthday.

My boy is grown up!

Buying these pages can be really handy and result in a cute page.  I started with a blue sheet of cardstock.  I cut out all the individual pieces on the piece of thick paper with the driving design.  I trimmed down the picture in the “One Way” frame and adhered the frame to the picture and then to the blue paper.  I then matted the DL pic and left an extra thick bottom.  I then added the “I Passed!” cut out in that space.  I put the top and the bottom on the page and then journaled on the notebook page and adhered it.  I had the license plate sticker that says “Good 4U” already and added that, too.  Cute page for a big landmark.

God bless!


One thought on “License to Drive

  1. All grown up and now ready to hit the road. Lots of fun stickers and papers to mark the event. So fun to look at all the details. The keys are cute and also the picture of the very first car. I have to renew my license next year. Hope I can pass without having to wear glasses.

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