Wreath Fun with the Grandkids

Hi friends,

The summer is quickly coming to a close and I had been promising Abby that I would make a shell wreath with her for a long time.  My hubby and I were at the Savannah Hobby Lobby and I bought 3 wreaths.  Two medium ones and a large one.  They were straw wreaths.  If Abby and I were going to make a wreath I knew that Matthew would want to participate.

First, Matthew’s:

Matthew with his shell wreath.

I had two long strips of wide ribbon.  One white and one blue.  Matthew chose blue.  I pulled out the hot glue gun and wrapped and glued and found that I didn’t have near enough ribbon.  I had an idea that it might be a little short but not as much as it was.  I had a flower arrangement that I broke a few months ago.  (I posted about it in “other crafts”).  It had a lot of burlap picks around the edges.  I took the pics and poked and glued them into the wreath.  I think it made the wreath more masculine, too.  Win, win.  I then decided to go all out burlap and wrapped burlap ribbon around the blue ribbon.  Finally I glued on the shells.  I used the brown (tan) shells to go with the burlap theme – and Matthew like them a lot.   I was pleased and so was Matthew.

Next, Abby’s:

Abby’s finished wreath.

Abby got the white ribbon but she really wanted pink.  I wrapped and wrapped just like I did with Matthew’s wreath and with the same results.  It was too short (which by this time I knew it would be).  I used the flowers (that were pink) from the same broken arrangement and cut down the stems, poked them, and glued them into the wreath.  I put the large  ones on top and surrounded them with the smaller ones.  I even added the three butterflies that were on the broken arrangement.  I then wrapped a dark pink ribbon and a light pink ribbon on top of the white ribbon.  Finally, I glued on the shells.  She was very happy with the wreath.

As you have probably noticed, I did most of the work.  They did a lot of picking out of ribbons, shells, and accessories.  I was too afraid to let them help much past that because almost everything involved hot glue.  My fingers suffered.  🙁

Finally, my wreath:

My shell wreath.

I had bought two rolls of extra wide ribbon so I knew that I would have enough for my wreath.  I did, but just barely.  I wrapped and glued.  I then wrapped the burlap ribbon and glued.  Finally, I wrapped some aqua rope and glued.  I then glued on shells and a bow.  Mine was the easiest.  That was because I didn’t run out of supplies that I was counting on.  That being said, I think the kids’ wreaths were more creative since I ran out of the wide ribbon.  Improvise!

Years ago I made a shell wreath and covered the entire wreath with shells.  They were layered and layered on.  I added pearls and ribbon after layering the shells.  I loved it!  It lasted for years and many moves.  I wish that I had a picture of it.  The only problem with it was it was VERY heavy.  On this wreath I decided to use shells that I found that were bigger.  I decided to showcase them and not just pile and pile.  I was hoping to make it lighter, too.  A totally different wreath resulted.  I love this new one, too.

That is all for today!

God bless all of you!



One thought on “Wreath Fun with the Grandkids

  1. All three wreaths made with lots of fun and glue and making sweet thoughts. Matthew picked out just the right shells for his. Hope he hangs it in his room. Abby’s is all pretty in pink. A lot of roses and white shells. It’s a wonder you had anything left for yours. ha Like the brown to be like the sand, and blue for the water. It will be pretty on your door. I still have the wreath you made me years ago. It’s still just as pretty. I cherish it. Job well done by all three artists.

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