Fun Junior Prom Pics


I started this layout trying to make it more formal.  I was searching through my  papers for the perfect piece.  I found it.  It made the pics more young and fun.  I love it!

Ready for some fun.

The ribbon paper was the fun paper that I found.  I adhered it to a sturdy piece of cardstock.  I then wove a ribbon through a flower brad and then adhered it to the layout at where the two pieces of paper meet.  I matted the pics on different papers.  The one on the left is a peach piece of paper.  The one on the right is a dark gray.  I then added a sticker frame around the one on the right.  It really got messy fast.  There wasn’t a lot I could do to correct it so I pulled out heart stickers.  I applied them on the corners and I pretty much covered the messiness.  Most people wouldn’t be able to notice anything wrong now.  I told you to give you encouragement.  You can fix almost any mistake with a sticker.  😉

God bless!


4 thoughts on “Fun Junior Prom Pics

  1. Looks good to me! The peach paper accents the color of Carmilla’s dress. The ribbon paper give the layout a fun look. A cute couple ready for a fun night on the town.

  2. Cheerful and sweet. All happy for the big night. Bow ties, flowers, frilly gown, and ready to set the town on fire.

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