Hello, everyone!  What a great day to be alive!  I am going to demonstrate something that is easy, a little time consuming, but sure makes a fun page.  What I am going to show is how to weave a background page.  This can be very colorful or it could be a solid color but add a lot of texture with the strips of paper used.  I chose to use just two colors, this time, so it will be easy to see what I am doing.

First I put a dot at 1″ intervals on the paper I was going to use.  I did the same thing at the opposite end.  This was just so I could line up my straight edge and have 1″ wide strips.  (The last time I did this I used 1 1/2″ strips.  It is whatever the person scrapping likes or the look that is trying to be accomplished.)  I then tore my paper using the straight edge.  I lined up the dots at both ends with the straight edge and held it firmly in place while I made the tear.  I did this for both colors that I was using.

Paper lined up, dots marked on both ends at 1″ intervals, straight edge ready.

Straight edge is in place and being held down. Starting to tear from the top.

Straight edge must be held firmly all the way down for a clean tear.

I adhered one end of each of the first color to a white piece of card stock (could use a different color but it won’t show much).  I went all the way up the page.

Adhere one end of the first color all the way up the page.

Then, with the other color, I started at the top of the page (on the side where the other color is attached) and started weaving the alternate color in and out of the strips vertically.  I pushed the strip as close to the attached side as possible.  Then I got another strip and did the same thing except instead of starting under on the weave I started over.

A partially finished weaved background page.

I did this all the way across the page.  Then I trimmed off the excess on the end and adhered all the ends to the white card stock (or whatever paper it was touching).  I did take a plain strip of the green paper and put it over the end where I started attaching first.  I thought this gave the page a neater look.  Here is the finished background paper and then my finished page.

Finished woven background paper.

My sweet nieces and nephew.

I hope all of you have a blessed day!


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  1. I did this when I was little, also had done it again in my child creative class in GTCC. it was a lot of fun doing this kind of paper art:)

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