Scrapping the Graduation Program

Hello homies,

Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!  My last day of taking the kids to this VBS.  I skip next week and then they are going to another one the following week.  I am going to Biblefy my grandkids.  😉

The program from Tim’s graduation.

I actually scrapped two programs.  *Hint* – It is really handy when you come away with more than one program because often the information on the inside or back of the program is important, too.  If you only have one program you have to decide which is most important.  What I did was to adhere the back of the program to the right side of the page first.  It has Tim’s name in the right column.  I then could cover part of the back of the program with the other program.  I left the top program so that it could be opened just in case at some point Tim wanted to see something on the inside.  All he would have to do was slide the layout out of the covering.  I used decorative paper to put the programs on.  The only other thing that I did was to add a sticker to the top right corner (Congrats Grad!).

That is all for today.  A really simple layout – perfect for a busy day with VBS and grandkids. (And something else I was able to get off my desktop).

Have a wonderful weekend and God bless you and your loved ones!


2 thoughts on “Scrapping the Graduation Program

  1. I like the 2 programs, When my kid graduated I only used one and put the tassel to the side, Page looks good!!

  2. Nothing like Biblefying the grand kids. I know they had a great time. Lots of arts and crafts and playtime. Good idea on the programs. Fun to be able to see both sides. Way to Go is right!! I’m so proud when any of the kids graduate. Nice looking layout. No frills, just the facts madam , just the facts.

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