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Hi guys!

Hope your day is going fabulously!  I have been taking the grandkids to VBS this week.  It is about 30 minutes away so when they are there I find things to do like eat breakfast, look at thrift stores, go to the beach and look at God’s creation…..  It is a nice time but I am ready for a nap (that can’t happen while watching grandkids) when I get home.

Today I am posting a layout that I did of Tim and his favorite teacher.  A lady that my husband and I adore, too.  She had a heart for Tim.  Can’t beat that!

Tim and his favorite teacher.

This page took quite a bit of work.  It isn’t perfect (which I  am sure you can see if you look very closely) but I really like it.  I took a thick piece of cardstock and turned it so that the back was face up.  I traced a large circle (I don’t know the circumference) onto the middle of the page.  I then got out my magnetic ruler and laid the paper on to my magnetic mat.  There are measurements on the mat, too.  I drew across the circle to make it in halves, then fourths, and then I drew two more lines to end up with the circle being divided in eighths.  I then got out my X-acto knife and cut all the lines inside of the circle.  I then turned the paper over and folded out the triangles and adhered them to the paper so it looked like sun rays.  One thing that I wish I would have done differently is once I attached the “rays” to the paper I saw that I couldn’t distinguish the triangles from the paper as well as I hoped.  I then traced the edges of the “rays” with a black marker.  I wish that I would have done that before folding the paper.  Oh, well….  I then matted the picture on a piece of chevron paper and attached that (using adhesive on the front edges of the mat) to the cardstock.  I then added enamel dots onto each “ray”.  I then added words that described her on each “ray”.  I added her name to the top of the layout. *Word to the wise: even though you think that you will remember someone’s name or what is happening in a picture in the future, there is a good chance that it will be forgotten.  Better add the name or journal a bit.*  Finally, I added a journaling box and wrote about why we were in the office when the picture was taken (Tim was returning from voting for the first time) and about the teacher.

That is it for today.  Like I said earlier, even though I can look at this layout with a critical eye and see errors, I really like how it turned out.

God bless and hope to see you tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Favorite Teacher

  1. That is a neat layout I might try it on one of Jessi’s pages. That is great that Tim had a teacher that took the time to work with him. I agree it is important to journal the date and names of important events.

  2. The teacher does look kind and helpful. Glad she took time with Timothy. Cool looking triangles with all the different colors and design. Fun to look at cause it’s so different. My favorite teacher was in the fourth grade. We did art and my water colors run all together. She hung it up and said it looked like a Picasso. I’ll never forget her making me feel not so bad about a bad painting. She had red hair and wore it in a big braid on top of her head. One time I heard her singing “One Enchanted Evening.” Funny what you remember. Nice picture to remember one special teacher.

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