Hi guys!

I am trying to meet other crafters in my community so I started going to a card making class.  It is usually once a month for two hours.  Occasionally it is all day on a Saturday.  It is put on by a lady who sales Stampin’ Up! supplies.  Here are the cards that I made.

The cards from my first card making class.

You use stamps, a die cutting machine (or you could cut your stamped items by hand), cardstock to make the cards out of, different adhesives, decorative paper, embellishments (like jewels and enamel dots), and ribbon.  We started off with easy cards and then we will add in complexity.  I thought I might add a few techniques to my scrapbooking skills.

It is a lot of fun, I am meeting new people, and I leave with new cards to send to friends and family.

Win, win!

God bless!


One thought on “Cards

  1. Fun time and meeting new people. Like all the cute cards. Now to let your creative mind roll. Really like the light bulb one. A little different from flowers and hearts. You will have to jot down your ideas and them make them the next class. There’s so many great things to use in making cards. Have a blast!!

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