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Hope this summer is treating you great!  We have been having a lot of storms this summer in SC.  So it has been hot and stormy.  Today no rain is forecasted so we are just hot.

Tim’s senior yearbook picture.

This picture turned out awesome but we think that it makes Tim look like a talk show host.  I can just see him with a microphone in his hand.  🙂

I wanted to use Tim’s school colors.  What I did was to start with a black piece of cardstock.  I then then cut a piece of 8 1/2″ green cardstock in half diagonally and adhered it to the black cardstock leaving the black stripe diagonally across the layout.  I adhered the senior photo directly onto the layout.  I then used boarder stickers (cut into pieces) to go around the corners and across the corners.  Last, I took a journaling tag and wrote Senior Yearbook Picture.  There was a space above that I wanted to cover so I took a small piece of green cardstock and cut it to the shape that I wanted.  I wrote Bobcats (school mascot) on the paper and adhered it to the tag.  I then added two enamel dots to the Bobcat “sign”.

Like the page – A LOT!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Senior Year Book Picture

  1. I could see a microphone in his hand! I like how his hair styles have changed through the years. I like the page too, Couldn’t read the Bobcat sign at first, I thought it was a sheer green ribbon. Page and Picture looks great!

  2. Cool looking guy. He does look like an entertainer. Looking great in a bow tie and a happy smile. Like the way you matted his picture and used his school colors. Really nice.

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