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Well….today is Friday.  In yesterday’s post I proclaimed the same thing but I got ahead of myself.  Today is Friday.  I didn’t realize that I had made a mistake until half way through the day and I was away from the computer.  Oops!

Today’s post is of Tim’s 8th grade class picture.  It turned out really cute!

The 8th grader. Boy has he grown up!

Let me start by telling you about a ribbon I found on a box of tea last fall.  The ribbon said “Timothy’s”  all over it.  I wouldn’t have bought the box of tea if that ribbon hadn’t been on it.  I have been saving that ribbon for this album.  I used part of it on this layout and still have a long piece.

The ribbon was orange so I made two tags out of a lighter orange paper.  I used quick drying glue to hold the ribbon on each of the tags.  After it dried I put “Tim” and “8th” on one card and “grade” and “year” on another.  I used different stickers for all of the words.

I then matted Tim’s picture and adhered it to a piece of cardstock.  His clothing in the pic was gray so I made the cardstock gray.  I then adhered the tags and then put a piece of washi tape across the bottom of the layout on which I put a thin line sticker of words that said things like cell phone, friends, etc.  Finally, a 3D sticker of books with a pencil on top.

That’s all for today!

Once again – have an awesome weekend!

God bless!


One thought on “Tim’s 8th Grade Pic

  1. Sweet picture for eighth grade. That year is when you realize your child is starting to grow up. Isn’t it weird how you found the ribbon with Tim’s name on it. Glad you got it and saved it. Perfect for the page. The stickers are sure cute. Pencils and paper. A kid can never have enough. I know, cause I was always borrowing some. The stone wall goes good with his shirt. All the oranges and red brings it to the front.

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