Sophomore School Picture

Hello friends!  It’s Friday!

I am always so excited that it is so close to the weekend.  Last night I went to the Savannah Banana’s baseball game.  We hadn’t done that before in this area and we haven’t done it for a very long time anywhere.  I had a good time.  I like baseball more than my husband but he seemed to enjoy himself, too.  And – we won!

Today I am going to show you how I scrapped Tim’s sophomore year school picture.

Sophomore year!

I found paper that went well with the background of the photo (circles).  I decided to break out the Cricut.  I made a camera with it and also the banner that says “smile”.  The camera also has a bold circle for the lens.  I matted the picture before I attached it.  I then added a piece of another piece of cardstock to the top of the page – the backpacks.  (Boy, these kids wear heavy backpacks to school everyday!)  Then I added the Cricut embellishments and topped it off with the sophomore sticker.  Perfect page!

Hope your weekend is fantastico!

God bless!


One thought on “Sophomore School Picture

  1. Notice how the school pictures change as they get older. Always trying to look cool. Like his red and white shirt. Cute book bags, but not so cute to carry. You would think the kids would be going around with humped backs. The camera and smile sure go together. Seems when we see a camera we automatic start smiling. Even animals seem to know. ha Now the child is heading for the finish line. Senior years, here we come.

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