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Another day, another post.  I am enjoying getting this album together.  I have so many pages to scrap!  I started telling my friend today what all albums I wanted to create (and ones that needed finished) and I started getting a little overwhelmed.  She reminded me (and I agree) that it is for enjoyment – no pressure.

Tim’s freshman picture.

So, I have been trying to create “fresh” layouts.  In the past I have saved a lot of ideas.  I have been going through some ideas and making them my own.  This is one of those.

I wanted to put the colors in the background that were in his shirt.  I dug through my scrap box and found these papers.  I cut strips that were the same width but different lengths.  I then started laying them in order.  I made sure I left enough room at the top for the numbers and I made sure they were high enough to be seen over the matted picture.  (By the way, I love the sparkly chevron paper).  I then put silver and sparkly blue numbers on top of the strips of paper in random number order.  Finally I added a sticker that says “freshman”  and one that says “cell phone, friends, study, sleep…..”.

That is it for this layout.

Hope to see you here tomorrow!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Freshman Year Pic

  1. Page looks good , I like the strips of paper. Sometimes it is hard to make the professional pictures different and pop with interest, He sure was grown up these last few years!

  2. Hard to smile and learn at the same time. For me anyway. Stress, frown, and learn. Like all the different strips of papers. It does make his shirt stand out. What do the numbers stand for? If I know kids, it’s cell phone. play on computer, and then sleep. Forget study. Anyway, it’s a cute page and a proud kid that has made it to the top.

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