2017 Graduation Announcements

Hi guys!

Today I am doing my annual graduation announcement page.   A handful of years back I started an album of all the graduation announcements of the year.  Some years I have had several and other years I have only had one.  This is one of those years.  That announcement is my own son’s.

The only announcement from 2017 is Tim’s.

I put the full announcement in the upper corner.  I then cut out the middle of another announcement and matted it in the school’s color.  I then put it in the lower left corner.  I matted Tim’s name card and matted it above the announcement info.  I then put a party decoration that was left from his party on the lower left corner of the page.  It overlapped the graduation info but it didn’t cover the words.  Finally I added a lot of stickers (The future is bright, cap, camera, and stars and dots).  A fun page to add to my album.  Remember, always save the ephemera.

God bless!



3 thoughts on “2017 Graduation Announcements

  1. Lots of good thoughts of that day I’m sure. Cake, presents and family. The last kid to make it through school. I know you and Brad are proud. Like the bright colors to bring out the importance of the day. We are all proud of Tim and wishing him the best future ever.

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